Hidden Trauma, Patterns, and Obstacles

Address the origin, heal the wound.

At Spiriteric, we believe in addressing the roots of the challenges rather than just managing the symptoms. Our approach empowers individuals to control their psyche, restoring their perception of existence and healing deep-seated traumas. Discover your inner strengths and tap into your soul’s potential with our specialized services. Spiriteric offers a unique fusion of spiritual philosophy and psychology-based intuition, facilitating your journey toward self-improvement, healing, and understanding.

The Power of Continual Growth

Journey with Spiriteric through the exclusive membership level of your choice that promises ongoing transformation. Each session unfolds new opportunities for your spiritual and personal advancement guided by your unique goals and aspirations.


  • $750 per month
  • 1 Psyche Session Hour Weekly
  • 1 Animal Communication Session Monthly
  • 1 Weekly Chat, Text, Email Check-in


  • $1,500 per month
  • 3 Psyche Session Hours Weekly
  • 1 Animal Communication Session Monthly
  • 2 Weekly Chat, Text, Email Check-ins

Psyche Development

Life + Career Coaching

Discover your inner strengths and potential with Psyche Development sessions. Navigate life's obstacles through fresh perspectives and innovative strategies, resulting in increased self-love, self-acceptance, and a significant reduction in anxiety, stress, and depression.

Psyche Recovery

Past Life + Soul Work

Find complete renewal with our holistic Psyche Recovery sessions. Restore energy, remove entities, rejuvenate your psyche, and reclaim vitality. Ideal for those dealing with grief, loss, soul fragmentation, emotional imbalances, or ineffective coping mechanisms.

Animal Communication

Pet Guardianship

Connect with your animal companions at a soul level to gain valuable insight into their needs, experiences, and love for you, whether alive or in spirit. Enhance understanding and appreciation through communion with those you love for reassurance and closure.



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