Hidden Trauma, Patterns, and Obstacles

Address the origin, heal the wound.

At Spiriteric, we offer a unique approach to psyche development that combines the intuition of spiritual philosophy and the science-based understanding of psychology. Our sessions focus on addressing core issues and clearing them quickly and efficiently rather than only managing symptoms. We support individuals to take agency over their psyche to improve their perception of existence and tap into their soul state to heal deep-seated hidden traumas.

Benefits of Spiriteric Session Work:

  • Silence internal judgment and hyper-critical dialogue.
  • Improve productivity and functionality in a career environment.
  • Develop healthier relationships and communication with other people.
  • Acknowledge internal needs, wants, desires, and requirements consistently.
  • Improve information recall, conversation style, and response times.
  • Eliminate mental, emotional, and physical obstacles.
  • Reverse the unfavorable impacts of trauma, anxiety, and depression.

After our session together, I felt calmer and more in control of my life. I am amazed by this change in myself. Thank you!

Sarah W.

⚑ Montana, USA, ❤︎ Psyche Balance

Our session helped me open up to my new therapist and be honest about my situation. For the first time in 20 years, I am sharing the truth about what I have been through and allowing myself to be supported and begin to heal.

Kierstin F.

⚑ Minnesota, USA, ❤︎ Psyche Balance

In just a few sessions, I realize I like who I am when I am not pretending to be someone else. I am no longer hiding who I am, and I have removed many toxic friendships that were harming me more than I realized.

Sheryl H.

⚑ Missouri, USA, ❤︎ Coaching Package

I am beyond thankful for Ruby and her ability to help others the way she does. I had such an amazing and wonderful session. She helped guide me through the things I needed to and wanted to work on. I frequently use the exercises I was provided.

Valen B.

⚑ Alaska, USA, ❤︎ Energy Healing


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