Beautiful to Meet You

I’m Ruby Rayne, the Psyche Development Coach devoted to helping you uncover your true self and navigate life’s challenges. By blending spiritual philosophy with psychological intuition, I create a nurturing space for your growth, healing, and self-discovery.

How I Support My Clients

My approach to supporting clients is personalized and holistic, focusing on creating a nurturing environment that fosters growth, healing, and self-discovery. Here’s how I provide comprehensive support:

Personalized Support

My approach is tailored to your unique journey, ensuring that every step aligns with your personal growth and aspirations.

Empathy and Insight

Drawing from my own experiences and challenges, I offer deep understanding and practical insights to help you embrace your strengths and overcome your struggles.

Holistic Approach

I combine my psychic gifts with a solid foundation in psychological principles, providing a comprehensive pathway to self-awareness and authentic living.

Embrace Your Shadows

I help you see your shadows not as flaws but as contrasts that highlight your strengths and guide you towards your core truths.

Transformative Guidance

Our collaboration is a shared experience where we delve into your complexities, challenge your limits, and emerge empowered. This is about developing inner resilience and genuine fulfillment.

Ready for More Good Days?

Burnout and stagnation can feel like the world races past, leaving you depleted and emotionally unfulfilled, despite your relentless efforts toward personal success. Achievements shouldn’t feel like pushing a boulder uphill every time. The challenges and choices you face can become pathways to growth rather than burdensome obstacles. You’re ready for a breakthrough — to shift from exhaustion and survival to passion and satisfaction.

Let’s Open Doors for You

Are you ready to explore your depths, communicate better, and love your life? Spiriteric is a sanctuary for those seeking profound personal growth and self-discovery. You might be ready for more good days if:


You’ve invested in your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and are ready for the next big step.


You seek deep, meaningful connections and want to be truly understood.


You’re striving for greater achievement and recognize the path requires commitment and effort.


You want to remove obstacles and excuses to finally realize your vision.


You’re ready to align your deepest visions with concrete actions to achieve your goals.

If this resonates with you, I’m genuinely excited about the possibility of meeting and collaborating with you. Let’s celebrate the joy and freedom that comes with each step forward together.

Life Experience and Calling

Childhood for me was a deeply empathic experience. I connected with animals, ghosts, vibrations, and entities, offering glimpses of a greater existence beyond our beautiful planet. This undeniable pull towards my gifts and the knowledge they could share propelled me into action, from rescuing animals to advocating for the voiceless. Early on, it was clear: I was here to make a difference.

I understood that I needed to do a lot of inner work, heal from an abusive upbringing, forge a path, and find resilience on the other side of the storm before I could guide others on similar journeys. It was essential for me to navigate and emerge from my own challenges first.

This realization marked the start of an inward journey, leading me to understand that my true calling extended beyond healing. It was about diving deep with those seeking their own truths, empowering them through self-discovery and shared strength.

As I grew my inner world, I gained extensive experience. My professional path reflects my entrepreneurial spirit and multifaceted passions. From creating product lines like textiles, pet products, oracle decks, jewelry, and clay, to building client brands and launching campaigns, I’ve immersed myself in various ventures that I still love.

Amidst these endeavors, Spiriteric shines the brightest. It allows me to serve a higher purpose and inspire others toward self-awareness, empathetic communication, and authentic existence.

Spiriteric is where my psychic gifts and profound insights come into full play, offering a sanctuary for those ready to explore their spiritual expression and inner world. I collaborate with souls seeking something richer and more profound — something special and etheric, yet often elusive and unmet.

My mission is to show those who are ready the incredible potential within them. It’s an inherent gift I’ve refined over decades, unique to each person I work with. Together, we will walk this path, learn, play, work hard, and find your path to what you desire most, whether success, freedom, peace, joy, love, or a deeper connection to the divine.

Aspects of Ruby’s Personality


Professional Intuitive Life Coach
ILCATE | ICF Accredited

Ordained Minister

First Nation Ministry
American Marriage Ministries
Universal Life Church


7 | The Enthusiast
Sevens are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous.

MBTI via Dimensional

ISTJ | The Inspector
Responsible, analytical, practical.


Learner, Relator, Restorative, Intellection, Individualization
Ruby embodies a unique combination of perpetual learning, deep relational insights, creative problem-solving, thoughtful introspection, and a personalized approach to every individual journey.


☉ Capricorn • ☽ Pisces • ⇞ Taurus
The Wounded Healer. Driven, Calm, Intuitive, Experienced, and Reliable.

Human Design

Generator 1/3 |Investigator Martyr
A dynamic visionary who engages energetically with her environment, fueling her quest for personal evolution. Guided by her Sacral authority, she responds intuitively to life’s choices, tapping into the profound wisdom of the cosmos. Her journey epitomizes the pursuit of self-discovery, authentic expression, and unique contribution.


10 Diamonds | The Blessed Entrepreneur
This persona epitomizes abundance and success through a profound talent for crafting tangible outcomes and naturally generating prosperity. Ruby excels at fostering growth and transformation, guiding each client toward their unique personal aspirations. Her approach, rooted in an understanding of the universal need for acceptance and love, enriches her interactions, making them both nurturing and goal-oriented. She adeptly supports her clients in navigating their paths to spiritual higher knowing, fame, and personal fortune, empowering them to achieve greatness through truth, wisdom, freedom, communication, and commitment.

Psyche Development

Life + Career Coaching

Fresh perspective and innovative strategy bring awareness, confidence, allies, and success.

Psyche Recovery

Past Life + Soul Work

Restore energy, remove entities, and reclaim vitality. Support for grief, trauma, and life balance. 

Animal Communication

Pet Guardianship

Connect with your companion at a soul level to gain valuable insight into their experience and needs.


Continuous Support

Commit to awareness, evolution, freedom, and peace for where you want to be now and in the future.


Postal Parcel Box
13110 NE 177th Pl #1050
Woodinville, WA 98072

Voicemail • SMS
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Session Availability
Tues • Wed • Thurs
2 PM - 11 PM Pacific


ANIMAL ♥ $75


MIRROR ♥ $75