Ruby Rayne

Ruby Rayne

Psyche Development Coach
Founder of Spiriteric

Why Choose to Work With Ruby

In the heart of life’s unpredictable chaos, Ruby carves a space for growth, healing, and awareness, affirming that profound wisdom resides within each of us.

Ruby has led a life as intricate and vibrant as one would expect from a soul that strives to choose courage over fear, earnest living over superficial existence, and open exploration over cautious reservation. Walking her path, she’s encountered familiar obstacles, tackled hurdles, and risen each time with a refreshed perspective and an unshaken belief in the endless reservoir of wisdom awaiting discovery. Her journey is not about a flawless spiritual ascent. Instead, it’s about finding the laughter amidst the tears, learning through the mistakes, and discovering quiet strength in vulnerability.

Ruby welcomes you into a world where the goal isn’t perfection. Her approach to personal development isn’t about escaping reality or masking the trials. Instead, it’s about fully grounding oneself in and embracing what is here to work with — rough edges and all — and crafting beauty from our imperfections and struggles. She acknowledges our inherent shadows, not as blemishes, but as necessary contrasts that intensify the light, converting doubts and fears into foundational truths and guiding principles.

Ruby isn’t a guru relegated to an untouchable pedestal. She is more a companion and guide found along the journey, eager to share the profound significance hidden within our scars and the lessons embedded in the perpetual ebb and flow of life.

Ruby encourages and supports you to recognize the strength in your unique journey, to embrace both the mess and the magic, and to discover the liberation and freedom that comes from being your authentic self: in wellness, awareness, and compassion.

Professional Pathway

Entrepreneurial spirit personified, Ruby’s professional path is a testament to her multifaceted passions. However, amidst her various ventures, one calling stood out starkly, demanding her heart and soul: Spiriteric. More than a business, it represented her commitment to others, a promise to serve as a beacon on their journey to self-awareness and authentic living.

Spiriteric is where Ruby’s psychic gifts and profound insights come into full play, offering a sanctuary for those ready to undertake their own journeys of exploration. It’s not just about guidance but a shared experience, as Ruby partners with individuals, encouraging them to delve into their complexities, challenge their limits, and emerge empowered.

In her work, Ruby’s message resonates clear and strong: she’s not here to lead from the front but to walk alongside you. With her, exploration becomes a transformative pilgrimage, where you’re not merely a bystander but an active participant in carving your path to inner resilience and genuine fulfillment.

Origins and Insights

Ruby’s journey began with an undeniable pull towards empathy and healing, traits that illuminated her childhood. This innate compassion wasn’t confined to mere observation; it propelled her into action, from rescuing animals to advocating for the voiceless. Her path was clear early on: she was here to make a difference.

This realization marked the start of an inward journey, one that would lead Ruby to understand that her true calling extended beyond healing. It was about diving deep with those seeking their own truths, empowering them through self-discovery and shared strength. This wasn’t a casual choice but a dedicated quest to be a companion in the intricate dance of the human psyche.

Aspects of Ruby’s Personality


Professional Intuitive Life Coach
ILCATE | ICF Accredited

Ordained Minister

First Nation Ministry
American Marriage Ministries
Universal Life Church


Sevens are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous.

MBTI via Dimensional

ISTJ | The Inspector
Responsible, analytical, practical.


Learner, Relator, Restorative, Intellection, Individualization
Ruby embodies a unique combination of perpetual learning, deep relational insights, creative problem-solving, thoughtful introspection, and a personalized approach to every individual journey.


☉ Capricorn • ☽ Pisces • ⇞ Taurus
Driven, Calm, Intuitive, and Reliable.

Human Design

Generator 1/3
A dynamic visionary who engages energetically with her environment, fueling her quest for personal evolution. Guided by her Sacral authority, she responds intuitively to life’s choices, tapping into the profound wisdom of the cosmos. Her journey epitomizes the pursuit of self-discovery, authentic expression, and a unique contribution to the wider universe.

Psyche Development

Life + Career Coaching

Discover your inner strengths and potential with Psyche Development sessions. Navigate life's obstacles through fresh perspectives and innovative strategies, resulting in increased self-love, self-acceptance, and a significant reduction in anxiety, stress, and depression.

Psyche Recovery

Past Life + Soul Work

Find complete renewal with our holistic Psyche Recovery sessions. Restore energy, remove entities, rejuvenate your psyche, and reclaim vitality. Ideal for those dealing with grief, loss, soul fragmentation, emotional imbalances, or ineffective coping mechanisms.

Animal Communication

Pet Guardianship

Connect with your animal companions at a soul level to gain valuable insight into their needs, experiences, and love for you, whether alive or in spirit. Enhance understanding and appreciation through communion with those you love for reassurance and closure.



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