Psyche Recovery

Awaken to Healing and Self-Rediscovery

Embark on a healing journey with Psyche Recovery, your sanctuary for soul rejuvenation. Designed with a deep understanding of the human psyche, these sessions serve as your haven, focusing on restoring energy, rebalancing emotions, removing energy blockages, and rejuvenating your spirit.

Navigate through life’s adversities with grace and resilience as we work together to revive the spark of inspiration that may have dimmed due to grief, loss, or emotional distress. Each session is a journey inward, offering a holistic approach to healing that touches upon the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your being.

Utilizing empathic and psychic abilities, we begin with an energetic scan of your being, reading the subtle vibrations within your energy field. This process allows us to identify any areas of resistance and work towards healing and balance. As we complete our time together, you will emerge with a renewed sense of self, equipped with insights and energy to face life’s challenges head-on. Allow yourself the gift of healing and join us on this transformative journey.

Are you ready to leave behind what isn’t working?

Take this first step towards a more profound existence right now.

Aspects of Session Work

Authority Maps

Understand the fundamental principles guiding your actions and core beliefs. Explore your internal guidelines for core directives and heal, remove, or modify them as necessary for your ultimate benefit.

Energy Restoration

Embark on a journey of self-restoration. Retrieve what is yours and release energies that are not. The process involves purifying, healing, harmonizing, and merging your soul’s energy with your present self, often leading to heightened vitality, an enriched sense of wholeness, and deep inner peace.

Entity Removal

Establish clear boundaries and reclaim your space. Focus is on breaking attachment agreements and expelling entities that don’t serve your highest good. If you are experiencing symptoms such as unexplained physical ailments, mental health disorders, emotional dysfunction, or confusion, this will assist you in regaining control over your internal space.

Past Life

Explore the labyrinth of past lives, karmic belief patterns, alliances, and spiritual contracts. If you are experiencing confusion or trauma from past experiences or lifetimes, this can clarify your present existence and facilitate healing and release.

Psyche Balance

Achieve a harmonious equilibrium by aligning all aspects of your energy bodies, specifically for those struggling with emotional dysregulation, feeling confined within their current self-expression, or wanting to improve their intuition. This alignment can enhance your internal dialogue and external interactions, liberating your energy to focus on elements of life that truly bring you joy.

StarPsyche Jump

Defend yourself from toxic influences. If you’re contending with harm from another person or challenging circumstances, this will shield you from undesired psychic, energetic, or physical intrusion. Relocating your Star Code (Soul Tether) makes it far more difficult for intrusive energies to engage with you.

Vector Staging

Transform your inner world into a tangible expression. This will enable you to project your energy outward into the surrounding environment, facilitating interactive exploration. A deep dive into your inner cosmos reveals the energies, entities, fragments, and aspects concealed within and enables comprehensive internal processing.


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Psyche Recovery Session Overview

Welcome to your journey of transformation. I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to guide you through this process.

If you’re new to Spiriteric and Psyche Development Coaching Work, I’m excited to share with you this transformative process. I’m here to answer any questions about getting started and what to expect during a typical coaching session.

Setting the Stage

All coaching sessions are conducted through Verizon’s secure and professional video meeting platform, BlueJeans.
To ensure a relaxed start, I allow a 15-minute grace period for you to join the virtual meeting, guaranteeing that no session time is lost due to technical issues.

Once you’ve joined, we’ll spend the first 5 to 10 minutes getting comfortable within our virtual session space. I’ll check in with you, clarify what’s on your mind, and answer any questions you have. I encourage you to share your thoughts, feelings, challenges, goals, and expectations, as these factors often influence the trajectory of our session.

The Heart of Our Work

We begin our session with calming breath-work exercises to establish an energetic connection between us. This practice aids focus, promotes ease, and fosters a space for empathic resonance.

Once a relaxed state is achieved, with your permission, I address various aspects of your being – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. If there’s any resistance, we’ll explore its origin together. This resistance could arise from fears, concerns, or external energies that need direct attention.

After we agree to move forward, I will begin by gently connecting with your energy field, a vital aspect of our shared journey. Utilizing my psychic and empathic abilities, I tune into your unique energy signature and interpret its nuanced vibrations. This process is entirely respectful of your boundaries, ensuring your comfort at all times.

I may perceive energies that call for recognition or release. These could present themselves as visual symbols, emotional impressions, physical sensations, or auditory messages. The richness of information that can be uncovered is truly vast, including color patterns overlaying your physical self, words and phrases that echo your inner thoughts and beliefs, or captivating visual narratives that portray your personal experiences.

What’s important is that there’s no pressure on you to immediately interpret these insights or even directly experience them yourself — though you may also experience them if you are of a more sensitive nature. Often, these observations act as signposts, guiding our journey together and marking your progress over time.

Unearthing Insights

Throughout our session, I will guide you through a variety of exercises, techniques, visualizations, and meditations designed to foster insight, growth, and empowerment.

The session might reveal:
– Physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual challenges.
– Emerging beliefs, patterns, and cycles.
– Entities that need removal for your well-being.
– Guided imagery from your experiences.
– The need for soul retrieval due to trauma or past experiences.
– Awareness of past lives, the need for removal of old alliances, clearing of karmic belief patterns, and spiritual contract nullification.

I’ll address each of these insights, working through them until your soul indicates the completion of our session.

Closing the Session

As our session draws to a close, we’ll reflect on the insights gained and commitments made. I invite you to share any final thoughts or feelings about our time together. Additionally, I’ll suggest aftercare steps like hydration and rest and provide self-care advice based on our energy work.

Following Up

It is advised that we check in a few days post-session via text, email, or messenger chat to confirm your well-being. If all is well, a check-in at the three-week mark is recommended to continue to monitor and discuss your progress.

Should you need it, a 15-minute complimentary follow-up session is available. I encourage you to reach out at any time if you have concerns or experience revelations stemming from our work.

Continuing Our Journey Together

For those undertaking multiple sessions or opting for a monthly membership subscription, I will remain deeply attuned to your experiences. This continuous connection allows us to uncover issues, brainstorm solutions, challenge limiting beliefs, and define actionable steps at each benchmark of your journey.


Choose the date and time that works for you here.

I recently had a Psyche Recovery session that left me feeling refreshed and focused. This experience offered me the loveliest energy clearing and a new perspective on my priorities and goals for my business. From the moment we started the session, I felt safe and instantly connected with Ruby. During the energy clearing, it was as if a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I added Authority Maps to my session, and it blew my mind. It completely helped me reframe my priorities and get me out of my state of overwhelm. I could identify the areas of my work that needed more attention and those that could be gracefully left behind. These profound insights were invaluable in helping me navigate my inner maps and set meaningful intentions for the future. I wholeheartedly recommend this session to anyone seeking personal growth, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Danielle J.

⚑ Colorado, United States, ❤︎ Psyche Recovery

Ruby is amazing! I had a session with her and I can definitely say that she can help tune into her customers and make blocks and gifts sort of visual… it’s a very interesting way to clear out things in a way that you fully sense it, you fully feel something clearing out and when you receive a gift through her intuitive work, it is also felt physically….I particularly like this session because of the fact that it is not something you discuss mentally and produce with your taughts… it’s your higher self doing the work for you…not your mind!
Recommend it! 🙂

Daria S.

⚑ Il-Fgura, Malta, ❤︎ Psyche Recovery

On a few different occasions l’ve booked myself in for an energy session to clear various blocks from my life and brain. Visualising the different aspects was important, and Ruby explained to me it doesn’t matter what I imagine things to look like, and talked me through my self consciousness. I definitely felt better afterwards.

Nyree W.

⚑ South Australia, Australia, ❤︎ Psyche Recovery

Questions and Answers

What does a Psyche Recovery session entail?
Psyche Recovery sessions are a holistic approach to restoring energy, removing entities, rejuvenating the psyche, and reclaiming vitality. These sessions involve a comprehensive process of deep psychic work that can include energy healing, clearing blockages, removing spiritual entities, and reintegrating fragmented aspects of the self.
Who can benefit from a Psyche Recovery session?
Psyche Recovery sessions are ideal for individuals grappling with grief, loss, unexplained mental distress, emotional imbalances, or ineffective coping mechanisms. They’re also beneficial for anyone feeling drained, uninspired, or ‘stuck’ in their personal or spiritual growth.
What will I feel during and after the session?
Each person’s experience during and after a session is unique and can vary widely. You may feel a range of emotions during the process, from relief and freedom to surprise and discomfort, as you release old energies and patterns. After the session, many people report feeling lighter, more clear-headed, and more vibrant.
Is Psyche Recovery similar to medical or psychiatric treatment?

Psyche Recovery offers a holistic approach that complements but does not replace conventional medical or psychiatric treatments. It works at a deep, intuitive level to help heal the psyche and spirit. If you’re under the care of a medical or mental health professional, it’s recommended to discuss any new therapeutic approaches with them.

How often should I schedule a Psyche Recovery session?
The frequency of Psyche Recovery sessions depends on your individual needs and circumstances. Some people may benefit from weekly sessions, while others may find that less frequent sessions work best. The optimal schedule can be discussed during your initial consultation or as your needs evolve.

Choose the date and time that works for you here.

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